Luxury Sparks Permanent JewelryAre you drawn to the charm of permanent jewelry yet still apprehensive about committing to a lifelong adornment? You’re not alone. Delving into the realm of permanent jewelry requires careful consideration. But fear not! This guide is your compass through the intricacies of this timeless trend. We’ve got you covered, from understanding its permanence to exploring design options. So, let’s embark on this journey and unravel the mysteries of permanent jewelry together.

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Understanding the Zapped Jewelry Trend

If you’re new to the permanent jewelry trend or wondering why anyone would choose permanent jewelry, here’s a breakdown of what makes it popular and whether it might be a good choice.

Zapped jewelry involves pieces that are welded in place by a jeweler. It is often used to mark special occasions or relationships. You can find permanent jewelry in various styles, including rose gold, solid gold, and sterling silver. Despite its name, permanent jewelry is a costly commitment and can be removed.


How is a Permanent Bracelet Put On?

After choosing your forever bracelet or other piece, the jeweler uses a unique welding process to join the two ends around your wrist or another body part. It’s like fastening a regular bracelet, but the jeweler welds the ends instead of a clasp. The jewelry will fit and feel the same, but you won’t be able to take it off easily. Once it’s on, you won’t need to worry about putting it on again.

Here’s a quick summary of the process:


  1. Look for a jewelry store that provides permanent jewelry services like Luxury Sparks.
  2. Choose your favorite piece, whether it’s a yellow gold chain, a dainty chain matching a friend’s, or anything in between.
  3. Let the jeweler use the welding process to secure the piece.
  4. Enjoy your new look!

How Long Will Forever Jewelry Actually Last?

Once you get forever jewelry, it will last longer than your average piece because you can’t remove it. You’ll never lose it; it will become part of your daily wardrobe. Most permanent bracelets and similar pieces are minimalistic, like dainty chains or friendship bracelets, so they match almost everything in your closet.


It’s important to note that ‘permanent’ in doesn’t jewelry doesn’t mean it lasts forever. It simply means it stays on if you decide to remove it. While it’s not a simple task to remove, it’s not impossible. You can either visit a jeweler or use tools at home if necessary.

Can Permanent Jewelry Be Removed? How to Take It Off

Perhaps you’ve already purchased a permanent bracelet, or you’re simply considering it for the future. Whatever the case, if you need to remove permanent jewelry, you can!

Permanent jewelry can be removed with strong scissors or a pair of scissors. Because jewelry usually has a delicate chain, applying enough pressure, especially around the jump ring, should snap the piece in half.


This is valuable information if you ever wonder how to remove permanent jewelry. There are several valid reasons, such as:

  • You no longer want to recognize the relationship or milestone the piece signifies.
  • Your style has changed, and the piece no longer suits you.
  • You must remove the piece for a medical procedure, such as an MRI or surgery.
  • You have to take off the piece to engage in sports activities.
  • Your regular activities have caused some damage to the piece.


Is permanent jewelry safe to wear?
Absolutely. It is designed for prolonged wear. Ensure you communicate any metal allergies or sensitivities to your jeweler and steer clear of materials that could trigger issues.
Does getting forever jewelry applied to cause pain? 

Nope, the process is painless. You’ll barely feel a thing during the welding procedure.

What’s required for getting zapped jewelry?
It’s as simple as locating a nearby jewelry store that offers permanent jewelry, making the process incredibly convenient.

Protect your permanent piece until you decide to remove it

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